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Find Short-Term Workers In the Construction Industry

Based in Buffalo, New York, Skilled Services International gives you a competitive advantage over other contractors in Western New York. When other builders aren't able to live up to growing customer demands, we help you find excellent team members at the last minute.

For Employers: Skilled Labor Solutions

We offer qualified tradespeople to keep your business moving in the right direction. Never be caught off-guard again when customers suddenly flood your business. The construction industry is oftentimes seasonal, and we can help you fill in the cracks during peak seasons.

Our Clients

We work with several businesses in this niche. Our clients include:

• Builders
• Contractors
• Welding Companies
• Commercial Contractors
• Electrical Contractors
• HVAC Contractors

Cost Savings

Before hiring independent workers, we perform in-depth assessment tests to measure their skills and capabilities. Unless otherwise taught, we go over safety training to minimize risks. In addition, background checks are done on all potential hires. Results are posted within 48 hours.

Construction Worker

For Employees: Training Opportunities

Find top construction jobs that pay well when you sign up for our services. You have many benefits when you work for our company. We offer training and development to keep you up-to-date with the latest construction methods. This is based on your level of experience, and it often ranges from 10 to 30 hours.

A Steady Flow Of Income

Once you've successfully completed training, you'll be ready to go to a job site. Contracts vary from one day to a year, however, our goal is to keep you employed at all times. Once a project has ended, you move on to the next.

Paying Attention To Safety

We provide a variety of safety equipment to all our employees on an as-needed basis. Some examples include safety hats and harnesses.