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To be the employer of choice and the best labor management partner to our clients, Skilled Services International established a three-step continuous education program- Assess, Train, and Develop, which allows us to provide the safest and most qualified Tradesmen. Through our association partners and proprietary private labeled courses, we are able to hire, produce, and retain leaders in the skilled trades industry.

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Programs from our association partners provide us the ability to assess the skills and knowledge base of our professional tradesmen. We can offer these assessments to evaluate entry level and journeymen level workers. These assessments also allow us to prepare and execute the right training and certifications for our tradesmen.


Training at Skilled Services International is an ongoing practice that encompasses every aspect of a Tradesmen’s professional career.  With safety as our focus, SSI requires employees complete safety courses beyond the minimum OSHA standards.

Where training is provided directly by Skilled Services International such as our private label training, there is no cost to our employees.


In order to provide the safest, most skilled, and best tradesmen in the industry, we believe that we must continue to develop our professionals and so encourage them to take part in available skill development opportunities. These include on the job training, apprenticeships, and coursework that enhances a worker’s professionalism, knowledge, and abilities. 

Utilizing this three-tier process allows SSI to create long-term relationships with highly skilled and professional employees who will have a direct impact on improved job site performance.

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